More Than Enough

Hey I'm Tamanna. I'm 16 years old (April 19th - I'm an Aries) and Canadian -- this is my blog so take a seat and enjoy. Oh! Don't hesitate to ask me anything or message me I like talking to anyone at anytime <3 have a great day cuties <3

Oh that's right, we've only met in my dreams.
by Anonymous

What? Haha

show me a picture of rias butt
by Anonymous

that’s confidential stuff 

Ello there 😎


I know why you have never had a boyfriend before. Sometimes when a girl is so damn pretty and stunning guys have trouble talking to them and are quite intimidated by their beauty. You should try to be less shy and open up to them to show them you aren't that scary just because you're beautiful :)
by Anonymous

haha thanks… 

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Ever snapchatted or kikd Lord Vader?
by Anonymous

So what's up?! Is your friend still over?

yeeeppp she’s still here :) 

she says “penis :) “

hallooo! :)